With growth, comes change. Children are constantly transitioning as they develop, and at Elemenopy, they find themselves in a happy, creative and secure space which prepares them to make these transitions smoothly.

9 months - 1.5 years
3 Days a week : 1 hour each

In today’s world of tabs and screens, we aim to strengthen the real, tangible bond between you and your child. Aided by an experienced teacher, you get to help your child make the all important transition from your home to a learning environment. And don’t worry, we mix a whole lot of fun with the learning to make this transition even smoother for you two. So, as we, together, get your Little Learner started on developing cognitive as well as fine and gross motor skills, join in on the fun through a sing-along session or have insightful conversations with other new moms.

1.5 years - 2.5 years

There is nothing better than learning through exploration and discovery. And that’s exactly what your Meaning Maker will get to do. Not only will your child start recognising and understanding his or her environment but also start engaging with it. With a focus on emotional growth, your child will meet new people, participate in group activities and begin to better understand social cues. From using all 5 senses to copying simple actions to exploring colours as well as a variety of words and sounds, learning will be fun and easy.

2.5 years - 3.5 years

This is the time when your child is just a step away from experiencing a more formal education system. Which is why, we help your Nifty Newbie brush up his or her skills for school life, making this transition as easy as possible. Through further exploration and discovery as well as activity based learning, we focus on refining your child’s fine motor skills. We give special attention to pre-writing, artwork, science activities, play characters and movement games, getting your child ready, and more importantly, excited for school.

3.5 years - 4.5 years

As your child takes the first step into kindergarten, we make this transition just as smooth as all the others. As an Observer your child moves beyond understanding his or her environment and starts to understand concepts. We begin with the learning of the alphabet using phonic sounds, making it easy to grasp. Apart from letters, Observers also learn numbers, begin writing and reading, and also improve their oral skills. And so, in an atmosphere that is encouraging and vibrant, your child gets to develop holistically.

4.5 years - 5.5 years

Having made all earlier transitions in a positive manner, this time your Pioneer will be more than ready to stride forward. Pioneers prepare for the school life ahead of them by learning to ask questions, solve problems and express themselves. With an academically rich curriculum they also begin advanced reading and writing. With a focus on boosting their confidence and developing self-reliance, we instil in them the ability to negotiate school and life.