We are less about teaching and more about encouraging children to learn. In an environment of Structured Freedom, we make learning fun and easy, so that we can cultivate interest and excitement in children. Our activity and experience based approach, motivates their curiosity, allowing children to feel free to question and experiment.

Our aim is to teach children to react positively to change and challenges. With classrooms that have been specifically designed to optimise learning, we create curated experiences for children, exposing them to diverse opportunities.

We recognise that each child is different and aid learning according to each individual's needs. From independent learning that makes them self-reliant to group activities that acquaint them with teamwork and social skills, we aim for holistic learning for each and every child, at his or her pace.


Questions are a child’s best friends. They help children gather information and understand the world around them, which is important for their cognitive development. Which is why, through encouraging responses and engaging conversations, we build on every child’s inherent curiosity and instil in them the right learning attitude. We focus on literacy, which involves recognising their environment, and understanding concepts such as day and night, hot and cold, and nature including plants, animals, the human body as well as the weather.


Problem solving isn’t just an important part of education, but life. Emotional, social, creative, cognitive or physical; it encompasses all facets of learning, making it an invaluable skill for a child’s growth. Thus, we help children develop the ability to think logically and creatively in order to solve problems not just through specific activities and special tools but also by imbibing in ourselves a responsive, accepting attitude. From math and science to critical thinking and reasoning. From motor skills and hand-eye coordination. From emotional awareness to building positive relationships. We cover various areas of learning to help children develop this critical life skill.


What is more crucial than understanding the world and gaining varied experiences? Being able to express what you learnt and felt. When it comes to progressing in life, communication is key. Which is why, we encourage children to express themselves through outlets such as drawing, painting, singing, dancing, public speaking and writing. With a focus on language and motor skills, we boost their confidence and motivate them to communicate their thoughts when it comes to asking for help, stating needs and wants, expressing discomfort, offering their opinion or explaining an emotion they’re feeling.


When making learning effective for children, we can’t forget one of the most important aspects of it. You, the parent. We believe, open communication between parents, children and educators is imperative as the involvement of parents is key to any child’s development. Which is why, we keep parents updated with weekly reports on their child’s progress and also make them a part of the process through a number of weekly and termly activities.


From reading to children to organising field trips to conducting a show and share session to getting involved in the sports day or even teaching children a skill like dancing, parents are a crucial part of our curriculum and partners in our goal of making education fun and effective.