Simply put, we are a space for discovery and learning; created by experienced educators who believe children need a nurturing yet engaging environment to grow in.

And with growth, comes change. Children are constantly transitioning as they develop, and at Elemenopy, they find themselves in a happy, creative and secure space which prepares them to make these transitions smoothly.


What does a mother do when she sees that there is no quality education available for her children?

Well, Mariyam Abdul Azeez was not the one to give into circumstances. As a young mother, when she saw the lack of good educational facilities in Jeddah, where she had settled with her family, she decided to take matters into her own hands and became a teacher at her son’s school. This was the start of her long and inspirational journey in the field of education.

She then pursued her education while being a mother. And soon progressed to the position of a principal. But she wanted to do more. Which is why, in a country where women had little say, she took up the challenge of setting up her own school. And thus, with an ironclad will and her family standing as staunch pillars of support, she started her first venture, Little Kingdom Preschool, 25 years ago.

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Today, she runs two British curriculum schools in Jeddah, Al Maqased International School and Arwa International School. She has also realised her long cherished dream of bringing her extensive knowledge of education back to her own country by co-founding a purely Montessori school called Spring Field House of Children in her hometown - Thallassery. And with Elemenopy, she continues to turn her dream of quality education for children into a reality.